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What Makes a Good Realtor? How to Hire the Right One For You

Discovering what makes a good realtor can feel overwhelming, but with the right information the process can be seamless. The best place to start is with you. Understanding your personal selling priority will give you a strong foundation for choosing. Whether your priority is to sell your home quickly or to sell your home at the highest price, knowing how to pick the right realtor will ensure you’re working with the right agent to maximize your selling potential

Agents By the Numbers

Before learning how to pick a realtor to sell your home, it’s important to learn what makes the best agent. The top 15%-20% of agents outperform all others by a significant margin; these are the agents you should consider to maximize your selling potential. In other words, if you want the best price and a smooth sale of your home, only 1 out every 5 agents should even be considered. Top listing agents at premium brokerages know how to attract other top agents and their buyer clients, resulting in better outcomes for their high-end home sale clients.

How NurtureSource Can Help

At NurtureSource we understand the context and landscape of what makes a good realtor. We have worked with hundreds of Bay-Area agents over the last decade and we’ve seen what makes the most successful realtors expert sellers.   

With our staging and renovations services, we have played a pivotal role in over 1400 home transactions. Depending on the home (location, price point, buyer profile) we provide personalized recommendations for exceptional agents that know how to transform any house into a high end home sale. 

 We take pride in connecting you with our highly curated network of agents suited for any seller or house’s specific needs.

Our vast knowledge helps sellers have the right information about the complicated world of buying and selling. At NurtureSource we’ll make sure you’re armed with tips like shopping on service instead of on price—especially because commissions at non-discount brokerages are generally the same. Our goal is to partner with you to give you the right information and resources to make the right decisions along your selling journey.

Empowering You With the Right Information

Looking to learn how picking a seller’s agent different by city or state? Find out the right questions to ask when choosing the right realtor:

  1. How much of the process does the agent handle for me vs. how much do I have to take on? (i.e. how comprehensive is their service?)
  2. Are they juggling too many home sales leaving less time for mine?
  3. Are they a value creating agent or a transaction agent?
  4. Are they familiar with selling in my geographic location?
  5. What is their strategy for marketing (staging, photo quality, property website, agent network, market timing, network outreach, open home, support from brokerage)?
  6. Do they understand the buyer profile and how to position my home, including a renovation strategy, to best suit that buyer?

Learning Your Agents’ Selling Strategy

In addition to asking the right questions, choosing the right realtor means learning about your agent’s selling strategy. Consider your agent’s thought-process on creating value. Pre-listing investments can make a monumental difference in how to sell a high-end home, it’s also the most pivotal way to create value.

As a general rule, homes listed on most sites require the exterior photo to be the primary one. This means focusing on painting, landscaping and other curb appeal elements dramatically increase the chances of buyers exploring your home further. In addition, buying a turnkey (move-in ready) home is a top priority for most buyers, so it can also be in your best interest to do the internal renovations well including painting, floors, kitchens and baths.

Finding A Resourceful Agent That’s Right For You

The best seller’s agent is resourceful and driven to get the best value for your home, with the lowest possible investment. The right realtor knows the market and geographic landscape to match home upgrades to what they know buyers are looking for. With this information a knowledgeable agent can provide strong estimates for you to get the best return on investment. 

Part of choosing a realtor also means finding an agent with a deep pool of resources. They can use their superb network to help source the trusted licensed contractors, organized project managers, expert interior designers and stagers along with the most professional photographers and media companies to share your home with buyers.

In addition to a curated network, a strong realtor values transparency and communication. They prioritize alignment in their client relationships with a focus on you, as the seller, and what you’d like to see in an offer.

NurtureSource can partner with you in the process of building a strategy to drive your home’s value through enhancements and transformations while also working to introduce you to the best agent to serve your needs. 

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