Which Home Improvements Make the Biggest Impact on Buyers?

If it’s time to sell, then you may want to take the opportunity to touch up imperfections and work on home improvements that buyers love. But not all home improvements are the same. There are home improvement projects that add utility to make lives a little easier and ones that are specifically designed to add appeal for a potential buyer.

Both can add value, but home design services can help you to find the best home improvements for your Bay Area home. Before you break out the tool chest and grease up your elbows, make sure you know which projects will have the best return on investment for your time, effort, and budget.

Home Improvements That Make the Biggest Impact on Buyers

Whether your home improvements are for contemporary homes, bungalows, or townhomes, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to add value, regardless of your floor plan. 

It’s important to realize that home buyers may not value every single improvement that you could do. Instead, their priorities tend to fall into three categories:

  • How a home fits in with the neighborhood
  • Whether a home has curb appeal
  • Utility or function of the home

A remodeling magazine might tell you a pool will detract from the value of your ranch home by adding liability and decreasing yard size, but the truth is often less black and white. 

In the Bay Area, the houses around you will likely have an impact on which improvements will pay off in the long run. Your neighborhood will influence whether that pool will sell for more, a sauna is worth less, or if those hedges will feel out of place amidst fenced yards.

The best home improvements often come down to what will work best for your house and in your neighborhood. For that reason, it’s important to understand the market your home is likely to sell within.

Impact on Buyers vs. Increasing Home Value

A cost vs. value report can help you to estimate the value retained after the sale of your home. It compares the amount spent on home improvements for other homes sold in your market with the increased sale value of those houses, which can give you an inside look at the amount you can expect to make as a return on your investment.

Regardless of the square footage of your home, there are certain areas that consistently draw the attention of buyers. These include:

  • Roof
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Doors
  • Bathroom
  • Interior paint

With professional support, you can strategize and prioritize home improvement projects based on what has been proven to work in your local market.


Replacing an old roof is a surefire way to sell your home for more, especially when buyers compare your home to the identical house next door who hasn’t changed their roof in over a decade.

A roof adds to the energy efficiency of your home and prevents leaks that could potentially cost thousands more. A new roof can also show buyers that you’ve invested into the maintenance of your home, which can give them confidence in making an offer.

Windows and Siding

When it comes to the best home improvements in the Bay Area, new windows top the list. They can refresh the look of a home, while also providing protection against energy inefficiency.

Replacing vinyl siding can also support the value of your home, while adding to the curb appeal for potential buyers. Mediterranean homes in particular benefit from updated siding.


When you’re deciding how to make the best first impression possible for potential buyers, take a long look at your entryway. Removing an old awning may give your doorway a more updated look, making your property more eye-catching from the street.

A bungalow or craftsman-style home can often benefit from a brightly painted front door. In some cases, the addition of a feature like a classic barn door into an en suite bathroom can create a stunning accent for a primary bedroom, as well.


An updated tile floor in a bathroom can do a lot for the resale value of houses, as well as for condos. Before removing that tub, however, consider that many buyers prefer a bathtub for their children to a walk-in shower.

When you’re deciding how to get the best resale value from home improvements, try to take into consideration the needs of the buyer before spending money.

Interior Paint

Chipped and faded paint in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen can drop the perceived value of your home more than you may realize. Neutral colors tend to sell best, as they highlight the natural light and layout of your home while allowing the potential buyer to easily visualize their own furnishings in that space.

But that doesn’t mean that things have to be drab! Staging accent pieces or colorful throw pillows can add that pop of color to your freshly painted walls.

Remodeling the Kitchen

A minor kitchen remodel can make the most of its initial cost in your resale value by replacing or repainting worn cabinet doors instead of the entire cupboard. You can also emphasize natural lighting and remove unnecessary obstacles to make your kitchen feel more spacious.

Depending on the overall value of your home, updating kitchen countertops with quartz or granite can also deliver huge boosts to your resale value. Be sure to pick a color that will complement your backsplash and cabinets to appeal to potential buyers.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Ninety percent of home buyers value energy-efficient appliances. When a buyer sees that they can save money on their utility bills, they tend to get excited. This is an instance of utility value, especially when combined with a kitchen update..

Contact NurtureSource to Get Started

Home improvements serve to improve the comfort and functionality of your home, which has never been more important. Replacing windows, doors, and your roof will help to keep your home heated and cooled, while energy-efficient appliances can help to decrease utility bills.

To determine the best home improvements, take a look at where your home is, how you can enhance the natural style of the home, and the value you can add to through home improvements without losing money at the closing table.

Need a little help? Get in touch with a professional at NurtureSource, who can help you strategize which home improvements will have the biggest impact on buyers.

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