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Five Tips For Marketing Your Home

Marketing can be the key to selling your home for the highest price. Good real-estate marketing can increase your chances of attracting buyers and also provide an incredible return on investment. There are so many aspects of marketing your home that might be daunting, some of these things you can take on yourself, while others will be handled by a realtor. When it comes to selling your home it’s important to decide what you can handle and what expertise other professionals can bring to the process.

Although marketing strategy can be a unique skill, it’s something that you can learn more about to successfully get the attention of potential buyers and ultimately sell your home. Read these five tips to help make the first steps towards effectively marketing your home:

Prepare Your Home For The Shoot

Weather aside, there are multiple ways that you can do your due diligence to prepare your home for photography. External cosmetic fixes can make sure your home is captured at its best. Grooming and updated landscaping are important to properly making your home stand out to potential buyers.

The same amount of attention should be paid to the interior of the home as well. Clearing your home of personal items can help give buyers a blank slate in viewing your home. Invest in a storage unit to help store your items while your home is on the market. Once you’ve cleared your home, doing an overall deep clean of the space is also recommended. Seek out professional cleaners that you can hire to help make your home spotless. 

Setting the Stage

Part of preparing your home for sale relies on creating an enticing environment for home buyers. Did you know 81% of buyers say staging makes it easier to visualize the space as theirs? Luckily, there are professional home stagers and seasoned interior designers  who can help you reach this goal. Seasoned interior designers and stagers infuse spaces with tasteful, minimal touches that spark inspiration for everyone that walks through the door. In your research of finding the best stager, look for a professional with a proven track record.

Invest in Professional Photography

Getting the perfect snapshots of your home can require more than a simple click on your smartphone. High-quality photography often requires connecting with the right people to make this a reality. There’s a wealth of skilled photographers out there but you want to make sure you find the one who has the expertise in the art of photographing homes for sale. Hiring a team or skilled photographer can provide you with photos that will help buyers to fall in love with your home by showcasing your home in the best way possible.

When working with a team or a freelance photographer make sure to discuss rates and licensing for the photos. Communicating up front about usage and rights of photos will make sure you don’t run into any problems in using the photos later. Most teams and freelance photographers offer flat rates that encompass licensing and usage rights.

You may think that sunny days are the best option to shoot, you should rely on your photographer’s expert knowledge to know when is the best time and light to schedule. Photographing the landscape and beautiful neighborhood surrounding your home can contribute to painting a clear picture to potential buyers of why your home is the best option for them.

In addition to photography, there are add-on services that can be utilized to help market your property such as:

  • Twilight photography
  • 3D Matterport Walkthrough 
  • Floor plans and landscape plans
  • Aerial Photography
  • Video
  • Website design

Promote the House Yourself

Although most potential homebuyers are looking for a home online, using your personal network can result in expanding the reach. Word of mouth is often the best way to share the news that your home is on the market and you increase the likelihood that a friend of a friend who might be on the lookout to buy a home will hear about it. It’s also likely that buyers would trust a personal recommendation about a potential home for sale. Aside from friends and family, you can share the news with neighbors. Neighbors may also be more incentivized to find a good buyer.

Get Advice From the Experts

At NurtureSource we can help you work through the best options for marketing your home and help create a plan to help you sell your home at the highest price. We believe that orchestrated home renovation is a vehicle for not only creating value but igniting the imagination of buyers from the moment they walk through the door. 

Our commitment to give you the knowledge, the right advice, connect you with the right people, and drive the growth of your home’s value is at the core of our work. 


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