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It takes a team to bring a beautiful house to market at the right time in the right way and we’re deeply committed to being a collaborative and guiding part of the process.

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With vision and a mastery of the art of staging a home, Gary Faber founded NurtureSource in 2003. A few short years later, Alex Jones joined the team amidst the 2008 recession as Operations Manager. Together, they heard countless stories of agents and sellers seeking guidance and direction on how to create the most value for the homes they were bringing to market. They sought direction from experts not only fluent in design and renovation, but true industry veterans that could advise on what to do in an unpredictable and ever-changing market. Gary and Alex rose to the occasion and created the foundation for what NurtureSource is today.

Now 18 years later, NurtureSource has been a part of preparing over 1,400 beautiful homes. Along the way, the team has grown to include Benjamin Kimmich as a General Contractor partner in 2019, who brought deep renovation expertise to the company. Throughout that time they have refined a network of respected experts in design, real estate sales, project management, and photography.

An integral part of our identity is in the strong relationships we have nurtured with some of the best listing agents in the Bay Area. Our proprietary project management system allows us to renovate up to 20 homes concurrently while completing homes in fewer than four to eight weeks.

Today, NurtureSource looks much different than it did in 2003. We’ve expanded into further-reaching geographies around the Bay Areas, and intentionally grown our services to include buyers and investors as well as sellers, and a 100% financing program. Our vision has never wavered: use the power of design to create real value.



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Our Team

NurtureSource is nothing if not the great talent that approaches each project with grounded expertise, imaginative creativity, and sharp organization.

Alexander Jones

Partner/Operations Director

Alexander Jones has been with Nurture Source for the last 12 years helping build the company we have today. With an Entrepreneurship degree he has worked in many different aspects of the company: Carpenter, Project Manager, Contract Writer, Business Development, Accounts Manager and Operations in order to better serve our clients. When Jones is not working, he enjoys spending time skiing/snowboarding and riding motorcycles both on and off the road.

Alexandra Kurjakovic

Lead Designer

With a dual degree in Architectural Preservation & Studio Arts, and over a decade of experience in interior design & construction, Alexandra Kurjakovic has made it her life’s mission to help bridge the gap between what is and what could be by creating multidimensional spaces that seamlessly combine aesthetics with functionality. When she is not busy creating in her studio, she takes time for her other favorite hobbies: restoring old houses, taking long walks with her three rescued pups (Daphne, Leo & Maggie), or running the trails in Tilden Park.

Alex Peck

Senior Project Manager

Alex joined NSD in 2015, and has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry in both commercial and residential project management. Alex specialized in managing various construction and design projects simultaneously, ensuring deliverables are met, but his personal and human approach to connecting with clients and colleagues to ensure that expectations are heard and met is what makes him excel at NSD. When Alex isn’t slaying deadlines at NSD, he spends his time off tinkering with motorcycles and adventuring with his wife and three teenage sons.

Benjamin Kimmich

Partner, RMO

With over 12 years of experience as a general contractor, Benjamin Kimmich has managed over $40 million in construction projects in his career. He loves working with teams to solve customers’ problems and create elegantly built environments. When he is not working, he enjoys traveling to tropical destinations and working in his garden.

Gareth Ellis

Project Manager

Gareth Ellis leverages his degree in Industrial Design and over a decade of real estate and marketing experience to excel as an innovative project leader. Experienced in construction, building sustainability, and property development, Gareth is dedicated and adaptable to his client’s needs ensuring project success and future profitability. In keeping with his Canadian background, his free time is often occupied exploring the great outdoors and continuing his lifelong passion for skiing the highest peaks.

Gary Faber

Founding Partner, Business Development

Gary Faber has an MBA in real estate and finance. He founded the company in 2003. Born with good taste and an ability to nurture relationships, Gary brought together designers, real estate agents and renovation professionals to create the alchemy that NurtureSource delivers today. Outside of work, Gary has been practicing non-dual meditation since 1971 and is an avid mountain biking enthusiast.

Jesse Bond

Purchasing Agent

Jesse James Bond is a Waldorf graduate with over 10 years in the guest service industry.
With a knack for optimization, he approaches every project with a very organized mindset and an undeniable efficiency to match. Jesse loves spending time at home playing the piano or making a nice pizza pie from scratch.

Mariska Keasberry

Executive Assistant

Mariska Keasberry is a seasoned administrator who built her career tending to diverse communities working at a French American International School. She thrives on improving organizational functionality and building out a culture of care. Her passions include cooking big brunches for friends, horseback riding, and spending quality time with family.

Melanie McDavid

Staging Lead

With a passion for aesthetics since childhood, Melanie McDavid has co-led the staging team for over five years. She channels her inspiration for color, texture, shape, and composition to create inviting and curated spaces. Melanie is an adventure seeker who enjoys music festivals and international travel.

Shoshana Miller

Operations Admin

Shoshana brings over 30 years of administrative experience to Nurture Source as a dedicated collaborator to the Operations team. She thrives working behind the scenes where she can maneuver between dynamic needs while providing essential support. Shoshana is the proud mother of a brilliant young adult, and she loves to immerse herself in sci-fi fantasy worlds by reading, writing and playing video games.

Spencer Nichols

Staging Assistant

Spencer Nichols holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a California Licensed Acupuncturist, and has been a professional musician and dancer touring internationally with modern dance companies. Spencer brings his love of nature and stage design to his work with NSD, where he has enjoyed being a part of the staging team since 2014. His family, surfing, and Tai Chi are the ways Spencer likes to keep centered and happy.

Susan Parcaut

Staging Supervisor

Susan Parcaut is an experienced lead facilitator with a detailed eye for design and the ability to navigate through an array of home styles and layouts to meet the needs of the clients. With over a decade of managerial skills, along with her experience in home design, she is consistently providing an uplifting experience for the clients and those she works around. In her personal life, she enjoys sewing at her studio after work and taking photos while being out and about.

We are excited to work with you


What main services do you offer?

Simply, we prepare soon-to-be-sold and recently purchased homes to be brighter and better for the next owners. We do this though renovation—both cosmetic and transformational—centered on the updates that drive the most value. We also partner with sellers and agents on the go-to-market sale, helping them stage spaces and capture beautiful imagery.

Are you licensed?

Yes! Did you know that not everyone in the home renovation game is fully licensed and insured? We make sure we are covering all of our bases to fully reduce liability for listing agents, sellers, and even future buyers. We are committed to doing it right.

Do you have a way to predict Return On Investment?

Yes and no. What we can’t do is tell you exactly how much money can be made on a renovation investment. We are confident in our ability to intricately know the market and the current home-buying demographic to strategically recommend plans that drive value. For example: even if there’s an ugly bathroom in the basement, if a $8,000 upgrade will only increase the home value an estimated $5,000, we strongly advise to steer clear.

Why NurtureSource?

We are proud to be known as leaders in the industry; we know when to take the work off of your plate and when to let you step in and shine. After nearly two decades of experience, our process perfectly centers beautiful design that works—we know how to drive value and do it in a way that’s high-quality, easy, quick, and safe.

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