Frequently Asked Questions

What main services do you offer?

Simply, we prepare soon-to-be-sold and recently purchased homes to be brighter and better for the owners. We do this through renovation—both cosmetic and transformational—centered on the updates that drive the most value.

Are you licensed?

Yes! Did you know that not everyone in the home renovation business is fully licensed and insured? We make sure we are covering all of our bases to fully reduce liability for listing agents, sellers, and even future buyers. We are committed to doing it right.

Do you have a way to predict ROI?

Yes and no. What we can’t do is tell you exactly how much money can be made on a renovation investment. We are confident in our ability to know the current market and home-buying demographics to strategically recommend plans that increase value. For example: even if there’s an ugly bathroom in the basement, if a $8,000 upgrade will only increase the home value an estimated $5,000, we strongly advise to steer clear.

Why NurtureSource?

We are proud to be known as leaders in the industry; we know when to take the work off of your plate and when to let you step in and shine. After nearly two decades of experience, our process creates beautiful design that works—we know how to drive value and do it in a way that’s high-quality, efficient, and safe.

We are excited to work with you

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