We’re Blushing

In all seriousness, the happiness and success of our clients means everything to us. We’re immensely proud to share these success stories and hope we can create one with you.

“Their crisp, clean and modern aesthetic is a complete asset to any of the ultra luxury homes I sell. There is always a sense of refinement, and visual beauty that arrests and attracts the eye to their work –

this dynamic enhances any listing they stage.”

– Andrea Stephanie Gordon, Real Estate Agent

“Working with Nurture Source gives me peace of mind, that it will be done completely, correctly and in good taste.”

– Rayne Palmer, Real Estate Agent

“We can make the seller’s property pop and it sells quickly and for way more money.”

– Mark Guay, Real Estate Agent

“I was teamed up with a designer, Alex K, that fully understood and embraced my vision for our home renovation.

Her attention to detail, professionalism, and unwavering design sense far exceeded my expectations.

Since I was living abroad at the time, I had many initial reservations about renovating remotely. How quickly my concerns were dispelled. Every attention to detail was thoughtfully considered and the team was incredibly responsive. Even our neighbors commented on how courteous the team was and we came home to the house of our dreams!”

– Kerry Demme, Homeowner

“They take care of every single thing in prepping the house. Homes are truly transformed.

With licensed tradespeople. Gary is very kind with the prospective sellers. He is very good at reading people and understanding how to approach them. They are a one stop shop, but good at everything they do. Have an eye for what’s necessary to increase value without sacrificing key design elements. They care about the client and are very patient at having them understand the value of what they do, doubling at least every dollar put in. It’s all done-down to the photos. they are flexible in working with changes and situations that may come up. I LOVE the culture of having it be as stress free as possible.”

– Rayne Palmer, Real Estate Agent

“A belated BIG THANK YOU for ALL your hard work over the many months to bring our home at 420 Boynton to fruition.

Undoubtedly, it was not an easy job but whatever creative adjustments you had to make during the process speak to an amazing transformation! The end results were more than we could have asked for, and we want to express our sincere gratitude to you and the excellent team at Nurture Source for making our dreams come true, and for the lucky new homeowners as well.”

Marie Saito, Home Owner

“I would recommend NurtureSource to anyone that is looking to renovate their home. It was the best decision that I made. I enjoyed the process of working with the design and project management team and I genuinely felt that my home was treated like it was their own.

With all sincerity, I did not have one negative experience throughout the project and overjoyed with the results. I am grateful that they saw the potential in our house and brought out its best qualities.”

– Kerry Demme, Homeowner

“…we got a great price for our house that helps both of us feel much more secure in retirement.”

– Deborah, Homeowner

“The house is a home again and is alive again.”

– C. Ninnis, Homeowner

“We appreciate your attention to detail and presentation.”

– L. Saik, Trustee

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, this property sold for more than we thought it would.

– J. Donelan & D. Bartholomew, Homeowners

“…this huge win is due to your amazing work!”

– K. Markinson, Agent

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

– S. Madden, Agent

“Your work stands out over all competitors.”

– JoEllen & Charlie, Homeowners

We are excited to work with you

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